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Thursday, January 5, 2017


“Hacking smartlights can be hackers next move.”

The home automation has gone one step farther by the invention of smart lights. You can now replace your incandescent light bulb with smart lighting solutions that can be controlled by a single tap on your smartphone or tablet. Doesn’t that sound interesting to those who are lazy? Oh, wait these bulbs offer you even more degree of control than traditional bulbs like setting timers, geofencing (controlling light according to your GPS location).  You can integrate smart bulbs with security cameras and other smart devices. Triggering lights to react on phone notifications, change in weather, emergency announcements from local administration can be taken as best examples. These smart lights provide flexible, exciting and energy efficient lighting at home or professional lighting.

So that was all about features but what about the control? Well, there are many options available based on user requirements. Connectivity is provided through WiFi, Bluetooth and ZigBee. With these available connectivities, you get more control over your house lighting system. Companies like Philips are providing automation hub like Wink 2, Philips Hue, to let you connect to your lights wherever you are. No matter whether you forget to turn off the lights while leaving for vacation or before sleeping, you will only need a smartphone and set timer.

19% of the world’s total energy is used for lighting and 6% of the greenhouse emissions is due to this energy used for lighting. In US, 65% of the energy consumption is used by commercial and industrial sectors among which 22% is used only for lighting. At this scenario, smart lights would be a better solution since they are energy efficient and eco friendly. Days to panic on electricity bills are going to end.    
But with this smart revolution in home and commercial lighting have you ever thought of the possible threats? Like how secure they actually are? Releasing a paper at Black Hat Conference 2016, the researchers Eyal Ronen, Colin O’Flynn, Adi Shamir and Achi-Or Weingarten from Weizman Institute of Science of Israel and Dalhouse University of Canada showed how the most essential home objects like bulbs can be vulnerable to attacks. They tested their attack on popular brand manufacturer of smart lights, Philips. Philips Hue light bulbs communicate via ZigBee protocol, a global standard that allows customers to remotely control LEDs, light bulbs, timers and switches. Any new firmware is delivered via OTA(Over The Air) update. They found a flaw in ZigBee and used it to infect the lamp. They replaced the firmware with worm for attack. They used a drone to get close to a building and the team was able to deliver malware to one of the bulb and then the virus got spread from one infected lamp to it’s neighbour like a chain reaction. On their paper they have expressed it as: When the drone hovers in front of the building, the second phase of our attack can be seen. The lights have been “kidnaped” from their controller and are crying for help, signaling S O S repeatedly in Morse code. Once attacked this malware enables attacker to control lights, permanently brick them or abuse them for massive DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. The researchers argue this kind of attack could be used to take over a building or an area with a high concentration of connected devices within minutes.

Paris has started smart city project to reduce public lighting energy consumption by 30% deploying more than 15000 smart lights . Just imagine what would be the effect when one of those gets infected by a malware. Let’s talk about US electricity grid. FBI warned about possible threat after attack that shut down power grid in Ukraine. The worm that infects smart bulbs can be integrated to attack other smart devices in it’s periphery. The hacker will then be able to get control over entire city or organization. These are some of possible large scale attacks. What about individual?  Studies show that hacker can adjust the contrast of bulb in such a way that it can cause brain hemorrhage to a person sitting in the light or cause long term discomfort which might result in lesser productivity. The attacker can send a malware to your smart phone or other device connected with the lighting system and steal all of your valuable information. He can get control over all your devices connected with your lights.

Considering smart lights to be a great threat of the future, their use can’t be discarded. Demand of people is what leads to innovation and revolution. With technology getting better day by day, we can hope that companies like Philips will bring more security updates in the near future to prevent those attacks.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

NASA's Juno Mission

Launched five years ago on Aug. 5, 2011, Juno spacecraft arrived on Jupiter's orbit last Monday. After a nearly 2 billion mile journey through the solar system, Juno entered jupiter's orbit getting us the front row view of our solar system's largest planet. It is equipped with three 30-foot-long solar arrays, along with 18,696 individual solar cells. NASA believes that this mission will help to understand the origin,structure and atmosphere of Jupiter. It is supposed to last until 2018.
Visit NASA's twitter account for more info here :^tfw

Sunday, July 3, 2016

CHATBOT-major tech revolution going on right now

“the world will soon move away from apps where Apple and Google rule into a phase dominated by chatbots”

Imagine yourself being able to do shopping, order food, play games, read news and do more things right within your messaging app with the help of chatbot. Sounds cool no, yeah! It’s really happening and it has    already begun.
What is Chatbot?
According to techopedia, ”A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that simulates interactive human conversation by using key pre-calculated user phrases and auditory signals.” In simple way, it is a service that you can interact with via chat interface.
Suppose you are buying shoes from Kaymu, then you would go to their website and surf around until you find your right choice but if Kaymu make a bot, you would simply be able to message Kaymu bot in your messenger app. It would ask  what you are looking for and you would simply tell it. Then it will show you different matches for your choice and you will select the best option, mirroring the experience you would get while visiting  a retail store.
Many companies have already started to use chatbots. David Marcus, the Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook launched facebook messenger bot in facebook F8 conference last April and demonstrated how it looks like to do shopping from messenger bot.

Source: theguardian

An American news channel CNN has started
chatbot service in facebook messenger which
provides you with current news based on
keywords you provide. These are very few examples.
So with chatbots, the area of applications are

Why Chatbot is being the revolutionary service?
You might wonder why anyone would care about chatbots  since  they are simple text based services that run in messaging apps. But recent survey done by shows that people are using messenger apps more than they are using social networks and this is a huge turning point. So, logically if you want to do online business, you want to build it where the people are. That place is now messenger apps. Hence, chatbots are the best way to get in front of the billions of people using messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Google Hangout, Kik . Apart from business they’ll act as your interface with computers and smartphones, helping you check events or send a message to a friend and do that through a conversation instead of a mouse click or finger tap. Microsoft believes the world will soon move away from apps where Apple and Google rule into a phase dominated by chatbots.
“There is hope that consumers will be keen on experimenting with bots to make things happen for them. It used to be like that in the mobile app world 4+ years ago. When somebody told you back then… ‘I have built an app for X’… You most likely would give it a try. Now, nobody does this. It is probably too late to build an app company as an indie developer. But with bots… consumers’ attention spans are hopefully going to be wide open/receptive again!”
How do Chatbots work?
Basically, there are two types of chatbots. One functions on a set of rules and the most advanced other uses machine learning. Chatbot which function on set of rules can respond to specific commands only and it doesn’t know what you mean if you say anything wrong. But chatbot that uses machine learning functions on AI(Artificial Intelligence). You need not to be specific while giving commands since it understands common languages too. The best part of it is that it gets more smarter from the conversations it has with people.

What are the limitations of Chatbots?
Earlier this March, Microsoft launched it’s chatbot called Tay. She was designed to tell jokes, horoscopes, play games and hold a conversation. She used data from your profile and created a profile that would help her to have conversation with you. But within 24 hrs since she was launched, she began to post racist tweets. It was a huge embarrassment for Microsoft. The company didn’t program her to act like a Nazi but it simply didn’t prepare for the usual Internet trolls.
This is one of the major obstacle beside launching AI chatbots online since they
can learn anything. Internet is full of irrational dirty minded people who try their prank on these innocent bots. So, the boundaries must be made so as to insure that they won’t learn anything that violates the peace and harmony of our world.

          -ANISH BHUSAL

Monday, March 30, 2015


Olympiad Nepal

I appeared in this examination last year. At that time I had know idea about this exam. I even didn't know whether the questions would be objective or subjective. I searched throughout the Internet for reference materials including model question paper. But I couldn't find anything. I contacted NEPAL PHYSICS SOCIETY via email but I couldn't get anything useful. Without any reference materials I appeared in the exam. Then I came to realise this I must post the questions so that other students like me would get enough time to learn and know more about this exam.


For downloading the past question of 2071 Pre Selection Examination Click Here

Get the pre-selection examination model questions of 2017 Click Here

As always, I heartily welcome your suggestions for the improvement of this blog. You can comment down here or email me at:

Olympiad Nepal

Saturday, January 31, 2015

HOW TO EARN MONEY THROUGH GOOGLE AdSense in just a few steps? + Earn money easily working at home through adsense

Hey guys, I am back again with a new article that you would definitely like. In this busy life, everyone wants an easy way to earn money. Today I am going to tell you how you can earn money through Google AdSense.
So, let's begin.

What is Google AdSense?
Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience.
In short, it's a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites.

How does it work?

These advertisements generate revenues on per click basis which is administered, sorted and maintained by Google.

What will I need?

This is the question which arises when you are going to start Google AdSense. You will just need a basic knowledge of Internet skills. Knowledge of using social media sites like facebook, twitter is 50% requirement for this. After you start, Google will guide you in various steps. If you need any kind of help, just feel free to email me at: (MENTION SUBJECT "GOOGLE ADSENSE HELP")

How to get started?

Well, you seem to be interested in this. So first of all what you will need is a google account. If you have your one website or blog, then it will be easy for you. If you don't have anything just create a google account through and the second step is to create your own blog. Just goto and register your blog there.
Then you can get started. 

Follow the instructions
Then do as displayed on your screen. I can’t display all steps here because of some privacy concerns.

On checking your dashboard following message appears which means that your AdSense account is on review

Account Not Active
An AdSense account does not exist for this login, as your application is currently in review. Within a week of your application date, we'll review your application and follow-up with you via email. Once you are approved to join AdSense, you'll be able to log in to your account and get started.

You will receive an email from GOOGLE for your application.

Few criteria that you must fulfil to get adsense account:

1. You must have at least 30 posts on your site.

2. You should have good blogging experience.(don't worry, no one is perfect at first. You will learn when you go on blogging)

3. Daily visitors upto 50 would be good for getting account.

I always want your views on my posts. So please leave your views on the comments below.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Making An Effective Bio Data

Sample Shown Below:

Name                     :    Anish Bhusal
Address                 :    Swoyambhu
Contact no.           :    +97798********
E-mail address     :                                                                
Objective               :    To get a job that would enable to boost to my current skills   and knowledge in different ways.
Major Attributes :
®       Good communication skills
®       Dedicating and motivating
®       Fast learner
®       Able to work in team
®       Language known: English, Nepali

Education             :
Graduation year
Running XXXXXX
 Note: While writing about your education, the faculty you are studying right now should be mentioned at top and other is descending order.

Trainings                :
Computer Operator
Fundamentals of computer, DOS, Windows, Ms word, Ms excel, Ms power point, File management, E-mail, internet.
Intel  Computer
2 months

Personal Details       :
                Date of Birth         :               2054/01/19 (2nd May, 1996)
                Gender                 :               Male
                Marital Status        :               Single
                Nationality            :               Nepali
                Religion                :               Hindu
References             :
®                               Krishna Bhusal
       School Name,
         Ph No.: 077420261

®          Krishna Verma
         Infonet Computer Institute
       Address XXXX
         Contact XXXX

Developing Speaking Skills

Speaking is one of the most important skills to be developed and enhanced as means of effective communication. The ability to communicate effectively is important in relationships, education and work as it is a mechanism we use to establish and modify relationships.

While speaking, looking into the eyes of the person with whom you are conversing can make the interaction more succ
essful. Use gestures with your hands and face while talking so that it must seem like your whole body is talking. Not only should one be able to speak effectively, one must listen to the other person’s words and engage in communication on what the other person is speaking about. While speaking pronounce the words correctly and clearly. This makes better impression to others. Slow your speech because if you talk fast, people will think that you are getting nervous. To be a good speaker try to be a good listener. Make sure you are using proper grammar. Have confidence while talking, it  doesn’t  matter what other people think. Don’t over praise yourself in front of your audience. Do not interrupt while the others are talking because it breaks the flow of conversation 

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